I’m Kade, a Cairns Based Freelance Graphic Designer.


Hey there Cairns, I’m your one stop shop for branding, design & online media. This means if you’re looking Graphic Design Cairns, look no further.

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Get to know me a little more!

Bred from the loins of the glorious Far North, this little fucker was squeezed out in Cairns, in the year 1987 to the proud parents of Mick and Tracey Moir. Growing up on a steady stream Legos, bikes and what seems a never ending summer.

My career started on my first day out of high school. That’s right, my very first fucking day! No partying, no crazy antics (but don’t worry, they came later!), just straight into the world of vectors and bitmaps (that’s design talk).

After five years working for a not so glamorous budget printing company, I checked myself before I wrecked myself. I spread my wings and flapped as hard as I could to get out of there! The biggest and best design agency going around at the time called me up and offered a Senior Design gig which I instantly accepted

I got offered the chance to work with the biggest and best design agency at the time! And boy did I learn some things! I rolled up my sleeves and got to work with some kick arse clients like Holiday Inn, Tourism Australia, XXXX Beer (boy did these perks rock!) and Coca Cola. Not only did I get to work with the biggest names in the game, I also got to play with the smaller guys helping them redesign 200+ page magazines from head to toe (that was A LOT of work!).

Today I’m still rolling up my sleeves, working hard and producing all sorts of one-off logos, T-shirt graphics and what not, so if you want something awesome made…lets chat!

Why pick me?

1. You get to work directly with your designer
As an independent freelancer, I handle all aspects of the design process, so you get to work directly with your designer, and I’m able to give you my full attention.

2. I’m here to help you
I’m always happy to answer and questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!

3. I have flexible availability
Unlike agencies who are only open 9-5, as a freelancer I’m able to meeting outside of business hours to suit your schedule, and I’m able to work weekends and evenings to meet deadlines (subject to availability, surcharge may apply).

4. I offer quality, affordable design services
I make my prices as affordable as possible, but never compromise on quality.

5. No hidden fees
I’m always upfront and honest about my prices. I provide fixed-price quotes, so there are no surprises, and I’ll never charge you exorbitant fees for stock photos or fonts!

6. Designs that look great, and get results!
I combine my design and marketing experience to create designs that not only look great, but will also get results. Before I start a design project, I find out exactly what you want to achieve, and make sure my design solution will help you to do just that!

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